Mercury In Houses

The house placement of Mercury can reveal where we find our spiritual expressiveness. Below is a list of how its placement in the houses can influence each area of your life.


Mercury in the First House: The focus is on expressing one’s opinions, views and ambitions. You are very straightforward and say what is on your mind. You are eager to communicate with others and sometimes find it difficult to hold back your opinions.

Mercury in the Second House: The focus is on thinking about security, retirement, accumulation of material possessions, but most importantly our self-worth. Your mental skills are directed towards practical pursuits.

Mercury in the Third House: The focus is on speaking, writing, teaching and short-journeys. You are a gifted writer, teacher, lecturer, and journalist. You have a natural gift for communicating with others. You are highly intelligent with a quick mind and a thirst for knowledge. You can experience distractibility and restlessness with this placement.

Mercury in the Fourth House: The energy is focused towards home, family, parents and childhood memories. You think often about the past and the special memories in your life. You are a natural at writing your dreams, memories and emotions down on paper. You enjoy thinking deeply and when alone can express your ideas on paper easily; you enjoy reading and can be a bookworm.

Mercury in the Fifth House: The energy is used to express oneself to the fullest. Creativity and a natural charm are found with this placement. You are good at puzzles and games that challenge you intellectually. You are a naturally creative person with a strong desire to show your mental talents.

Mercury in the Sixth House: The energy is focused towards health, routine and work. You can be inclined to worry about your health and enjoy serving others in a health care profession. You like to organize and bring order to the environment. You are detail focused with excellent organizational skills and can enjoy teaching others because of your expertise.

Mercury in the Seventh House: The energy is focused on relationships and partnerships. You are drawn to debates, counseling and any areas where you can learn and share ideas with others. Having others to share your thoughts is extremely important for your growth.

Mercury in the Eighth House: The energy of your mind and thoughts is secretive. You often hide how you really think from others and are a very deep, insightful person. The mysterious and supernatural fascinate you and you are drawn to investigate spiritual subjects.

Mercury in the Ninth House: The energy is focused on foreign travel and higher education. You enjoy learning and are an avid student most of your life. You enjoy taking classes and learning things to broaden your mind. You also have a gift for learning foreign languages or an interest in teaching, law, economics or history.

Mercury in the Tenth House: The energy is focused on career, public image and achievement. It is important for you to share your ideas at work and to be respected for your thoughts. You are a natural public speaker and will probably spend your time at work giving presentations where you can teach others by example.

Mercury in the Eleventh House: The energy is focused on group efforts, and friendships. You can be a dreamer and think about the future. You are likely to be a part of a team or organization. You excel when working in groups or humanitarian causes.

Mercury in the Twelfth House: The energy is kept private, secret and hidden from others. You are a deep thinker and have a very perceptive mind. You may not always express yourself and find it difficult to put words to your emotions. Your intuition and first impressions are likely to be quite accurate. You are bored with practical learning and enjoy imaginative subjects.

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